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I am uploading .mp4, .webm, .ogv, .swf files to our servers for video playback. We are using the code below for cross-browser/fallbacks.

<video width="570" height="338" tabindex="0" loop="loop" controls="controls" autoplay="autoplay">
  <source type="video/mp4" src="/Resources/videos/product.mp4"></source>
  <source type="video/webm" src="/Resources/videos/product.webmsd.webm"></source>
  <source type="video/ogg" src="/Resources/videos/product.oggtheora.ogv"></source>
  <object width="570" height="338" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="/Resources/videos/product.swf">
    <param wmode="opaque" value="/Resources/videos/product.swf" name="movie">
    <param value="false" name="allowFullScreen">
    <param value="transparent" name="wmode">
    <param value="config={'playlist':['',{'url':'','autoPlay':false}]}" name="flashVars">

The videos work flawless in IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (windows). However the video lags and is pixelated in Safari on Mac. See image below:enter image description here

I am wondering if anyone has come across this issue before and could steer me in the right direction to fix it. Thank you all in advance.

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Have you tried to remove <object> and all <sources> except the one for Safari? – Pavlo Sep 25 '13 at 20:44

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