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I've got a local artifactory repository. I've got a dependency in one of my app's pom.xml like the following:


I deployed an activequant-p2-1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar to my 'ext-local-snapshot' repository. Artifactory deployed it under org/activequant/activequant-p2/activequant-p2-1.3-20130925.170928.jar . Now when i run 'mvn package':

Downloading: http://artifactory.myrepos.local/libs-snapshot/org/activequant/activequant-p2/1.3-SNAPSHOT/activequant-p2-1.3-SNAPSHOT.pom

[INFO] Unable to find resource 'org.activequant:activequant-p2:pom:1.3-SNAPSHOT' in repository snapshots (http://artifactory.myrepos.local/libs-snapshot)

And fails, because http://artifactory.myrepos.local/libs-snapshot/org/activequant/activequant-p2/1.3-SNAPSHOT/activequant-p2-1.3-SNAPSHOT.pom does not exist (It's under http://artifactory.myrepos.local/libs-snapshot/org/activequant/activequant-p2/1.3-SNAPSHOT/activequant-p2-1.3-20130925.170928.pom).

How should i deploy the artifact in my artifactory or configure my pom.xml to fix this problem?

Looked at this: Maven: Why is the -SNAPSHOT suffix missing from artifact file name? , which seems like the problem, but i'm using maven3 on the client side, so there's no 'uniqueVersion' tag at all. I tried changing the "Maven Snapshot Version Behavior" setting for my repository, but that does not fix the problem.

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For some reason my local maven repository was dirty (no snapshot timestamps in metadata file downloaded). Running maven did no substitute the metadata, so i deleted my org/activequant/activequant-p2 manually from my local repos and all went ok.

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You should accept your answer if it works. – kamaci Feb 10 '14 at 8:42

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