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Is there a good tutorial/guide/blog post/book chapter/screencast/etc that attempts to comprehensively cover everything having to do with locks, transactions, and isolation levels in ActiveRecord? (preferably relevant to Rails 4.0)

There's a brief section in the guides, and of course some API docs, but it's a really important and (for me) hard-to-understand domain, and it's my first time trying to take data integrity seriously in my Rails app. I'd like to get a good understanding so I can do it properly.

List of Known Resources

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i would recommend looking for guide/book on mysql transactions and see how it is recommended to use. Then you can write ruby code that will utilize those recommendations. –  Iuri G. Jan 16 '14 at 16:08

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I would check out Chapter 5 of The Rails 3 Way for now, particularly Section 5.5 on Database Locking. I would also look at the ActiveRecord::Locking source, ActiveRecord::Transactions source, and the transaction_isolation test case as the code is very readable and if you're going to need some down in the weeds answers, it's there in the code!

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