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I am using Xalan and Java for extending a stylesheet.

(Similar example to what I am doing there : Dictionary example)

I struggle to make my tag do an <xsl:apply-templates/>. I wish to have this :

<xsl:template match="sometag">

My java class containing the method tag(XSLProcessorContext context, ElemExtensionCall elem) builds an element myElem fed into the context like this :

context.outputToResultTree(context.getStylesheet(), myElem);

But I wish to apply the templates defined in the stylesheet to subelements of myElem.

How can I fire the <xsl:apply-templates/> from within my Java class ? Is it possible ?

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In Xalan I'm doing

TransformerImpl transf = context.getTransformer();
for ( int i = fromValue; i <= toValue; i++ )  {
  setInt(variable, i);
  transf.executeChildTemplates(elem, true );

The idea is to execute a for loop ( the from and to values ) repeating the code inside that x times. Not sure about the 'true' on the executeChildTemplates though - seems to work.

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