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If I see in the mysql_slow.log file this info:

Query_time: 31.112148  Lock_time: 31.111902 
Rows_sent: 0  Rows_examined: 1 SET timestamp=1380118248;

Does it means that the total time wastes for that specific query it was Query_time - Lock_time = 0.000246?

Or does the specific query wastes the Query_time and the whole process wasted Query_time + Lock_time = 62.22405?

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Your first guess was right; the execution time on the query was 0.000246.

The Lock_time represents how long the query spent waiting to acquire a lock, whether the lock was just on the row (for tables using the InnoDB storage engine) or on the entire table (MyISAM storage engine).

To reduce the Lock_time, you can consider changing the storage engine of your table to InnoDB, which supports the locking of individual rows during UPDATE, INSERT, and other statements which modify the content of the database. MyISAM locks the entire table for such operations.

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