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I have created a multicolumn custom field and deployed it in SharePoint. To be able to use the field values from my custom field I also deployed an event receiver to copy the three values from my custom field to three separate regular text fields. If the three text fields do not exist I create them with XML in code. I also make sure the fields have the right visibility settings even if the field exist.

Creating the field in xml:

string fieldXml = string.Format("<Field ID=\"{0}\" " +
                                    "Type=\"{1}\" " +
                                    "Name=\"{2}\" " +
                                    "StaticName=\"{2}\" " +
                                    "DisplayName=\"{2}\" " +
                                    "Required=\"{3}\" " +
                                    "ShowInEditForm=\"TRUE\" " +
                                    "ShowInNewForm=\"TRUE\" " +
                                    "ShowInDisplayForm=\"TRUE\" " +
                                    "ShowInListSettings=\"TRUE\" " +
                                    "ShowInViewForms=\"TRUE\" " +
                                    "ShowInVersionHistory=\"TRUE\" " +
                                    "ShowInFileDlg=\"TRUE\"" +

list.Fields.AddFieldAsXml(fieldXml, true, SPAddFieldOptions.Default);

Make sure visibility settings OK when the field already exist:

field.ShowInEditForm = true;
field.ShowInNewForm = true;
field.ShowInDisplayForm = true;
field.ShowInListSettings = true;
field.ShowInViewForms = true;
field.ShowInVersionHistory = true;

I found no way of setting the ShowInFileDlg property programmatically once the field was created.

The thing is that this code works great up until I open a document in MS Word and the three text fields all have text assigned in the list but in Word they are empty!

Have anybody seen this before, what am I doing wrong!?

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Solved it by using the docx extention instead of the old doc! –  Riddler777 Dec 14 '09 at 15:22
If someone has the time though. What is best practice regarding adding fields programmatically to list items. Should one add them to the content type, list or list item? –  Riddler777 Dec 14 '09 at 15:24
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To be able to open a field in DIP (document information panel at the top in word documents) you need to add the SourceId property to the field:


For more information see here (msdn).

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