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Is there a good way to validate a YAML locally ? I have several YAML issues in production env on deploy, like

Not very informative, I would like to know the file this happens in. Is is possible to improve debugging yaml issues a bit more?

Also im not sure why this happens only in production and not in development.

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Well, from my experience tracking down bugs in YAML is not easy. Online tools like yamllint usually give similar error messages like the ones Psych provides.

Only thing I could advise is: check diff from local/production YAML files and see what has changed.

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I ended up writing a rake task to do this: save as /lib/yaml.rake for example ( .rake ! not .rb)

namespace :yaml do

desc "Test YAML files"
task :check => :environment do
  require 'yaml'

  d = Dir["./**/*.yml"]
  d.each do |file|
      puts "checking : #{file}"
      f = YAML.load_file(file)
    rescue Exception
      puts "failed to read #{file}: #{$!}"
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