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To improve performance I changed my session.save_handler to memcache the problem is that $_sessions doesn't work.

in php

$_SESSION['admin_referrer'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

... different page
echo $_SESSION['admin_referrer']

if I change session.save_handler back to files, the above code works without a problem.


session.save_handler = memcache
session.save_path = "tcp://localhost:11211?persistent=1&weight=1&timeout=1&retry_interval=15"

I can comfirm from phpinfo(); that memcache is loaded.

echo "stats settings" | nc localhost 11211
STAT maxbytes 947912704
STAT maxconns 10240
STAT tcpport 11211
STAT udpport 11211
STAT verbosity 0
STAT oldest 2255393
STAT evictions on
STAT domain_socket NULL
STAT umask 700
STAT growth_factor 1.25
STAT chunk_size 48
STAT num_threads 4
STAT stat_key_prefix :
STAT detail_enabled no
STAT reqs_per_event 20
STAT cas_enabled yes
STAT tcp_backlog 1024
STAT binding_protocol auto-negotiate
STAT auth_enabled_sasl no
STAT item_size_max 1048576
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if you telnet localhost 11211 what do you see? –  skrilled Sep 25 '13 at 18:41
also in other news, memcached plugin is better than memcache plugin for php. –  skrilled Sep 25 '13 at 18:42
@skrilled memcached is a deamon, memcache is a php extension. –  user2783132 Sep 25 '13 at 19:07

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