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I seem to be completely unable to install the Windows 7 SDK onto my machine, and the only solution I've found on the web is to make a swathe of registry changes. I've done this - still no success.

This is the reported error:

A problem occurred while installing selected Windows SDK components.

Installation of the "Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7" product has reported the following error: Please refer to Samples\Setup\HTML\ConfigDetails.htm document for further information.

Please attempt to resolve the problem and then start Windows SDK setup again. If you continue to have problems with this issue, please visit the SDK team support page at

Click the View Log button to review the installation log.

To exit, click Finish.

There is no Samples directory to refer too, and the SDK support team don't appear to live there any longer.

How do I fix this problem?

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I've tried this on Windows XP and Vista, 32 bit OS; there's nothing exotic about my hardware at all – Guy Davidson Dec 14 '09 at 14:39
Did you read that faq? – Daniel A. White Dec 14 '09 at 14:40

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Microsoft now has a knowledge base article called Windows SDK Fails to Install with Return Code 5100 that describes this problem and its fix:

This issue occurs when you install the Windows 7 SDK on a computer that has a newer version of the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable installed. The Windows 7 SDK installs version 10.0.30319 of the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable.

The error message is located in the log file, which can be opened through the View Log button in the installer. Otherwise, it can be found here: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\ or %temp%. The log file is most likely called SDKSetup_7.xxxxx.log.

Solution: Uninstall any existing Visual C++ 2010 redistributable.

I just had this problem, and I looked at the solution at Ctrl+F5, Fix Problem Installing Windows SDK for Windows 7, but it didn't work.

I googled around and found the page Installing Visual C++ 2010 and Windows SDK for Windows 7: offline installer and installation troubleshooting and the advice there worked. Basically you could have one of several problems, and you have to look in the log file to see what's going on. In my log file I had:

6:17:07 PM Saturday, October 01, 2011: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Setup\SFX\vcredist_x64.exe installation failed with return code 5100

so as that above web page suggested, I uninstalled both copies of the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package that I had (both x86 and x64), and then when I ran the Windows 7 SDK installer again, it worked.

Although you might have a different problem than me. Try the solutions at the Ctrl+F5 and websites that I linked.

I hoped this helped!

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Uninstalling the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable fixed the problem for me. Thanks. – Andy Oct 12 '11 at 0:03
Great solution, this had me stumped. Given that the redistributable problem is so popular, you think they'd change their SDK image to fix the problem. – user206705 Jun 7 '12 at 10:10
Worked for me as well after deleting all existing x86 & x64 Visual C++ 2010 Redistibutables... Not sure if it will help anyone, but the version (of Visual C++ 2010 Redistibutable) it installed for me was 10.0.30319 for both x86 & x64 – Austin Floyd Oct 29 '12 at 15:56
My installer did not fail with return code 5100, but with the same error message as OP: "Installation of the "Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7" product has reported the following error: Please refer to Samples\Setup\HTML\ConfigDetails.htm document for further information". Still it seems like removing everything related to C++ Redistributables helped. – asbjornu Dec 21 '12 at 11:46
@asbjornu the "return code 5100" is not the message the installer shows. You will only find the return code in the log files that the installer leaves behind. Look in your AppData/Local/Temp folder. Check this blog post for more info. Glad removing redistributables helped. Don't forget to reinstall them before running the Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Compiler Update for the Windows SDK 7.1 – Mark Mikofski Dec 22 '12 at 7:57

Alright... All of these (and other) solutions have failed completely for me so I figured out another.

You need the offline installation package (mine was x64) and you need to manually install only the samples. Opening the ISO-file with i.e. 7zip from location Setup\WinSDKSamples_amd64 and running WinSDKSamples_amd64.msi did this for me.

Then you just use the normal setup file to REPAIR the installation and choose whatever components you wish.

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worked for me, less work then having to uninstall the c++ redistributables. – Erwin Oct 31 '13 at 16:02
Perfect! :) I couldn't remove what wasn't yet added or even on my system (had latter vs-dists only)! This answer is the one that actually solves the problem as I understand it. – shermy Mar 4 at 4:36

You should really check the log. It seems that quite a few components can cause the Windows SDK installer to fail to install with this useless error message. For instance it could be the Visual C++ Redistributable Package as mentioned there.

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Where is the log created? It gives a relative path, and I couldn't find it with windows search... ( Samples\Setup\HTML\ConfigDetails.htm) – Trevor Hickey Apr 2 '15 at 17:27

I have had this same problem with the x64 version installation. It relates (in my case at least) to the dexplore.exe installation. I uninstalled dexplore, reinstalled it, did a heap of registry changes, etc. as per various blogs and SDKs all to no avail. What finally fixed it for me was editing this registry key:


I changed the value to 0. Once the SDK had installed (quite happily this time) I set the value back to 1.

What alerted me to the possible error was the following in the SDK setup log:

12:19:42 PM Friday, 8 January 2010: SFX C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Setup\SFX\dexplore.exe installation started with log file C:\TEMP\Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7_dd2d9383-116d-441f-85b3-7c16aeb3568e_SFX.log
12:19:47 PM Friday, 8 January 2010: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Setup\SFX\dexplore.exe installation failed with return code 1625

And this in the dexplore installation logfile:

MSI (s) (E4:7C) [12:19:46:680]: Machine policy value 'DisableBrowse' is 1
MSI (s) (E4:7C) [12:19:46:680]: Adding new sources is not allowed.
MSI (s) (E4:7C) [12:19:46:680]: Warning: rejected attempt to add new source 'c:\eb66d60e4283bfc2986755fa\' (product: {6753B40C-0FBD-3BED-8A9D-0ACAC2DCD85D})
MSI (s) (E4:7C) [12:19:46:680]: MSI_LUA: Elevation prompt disabled for silent installs
MSI (s) (E4:7C) [12:19:46:680]: Note: 1: 1729 
MSI (s) (E4:7C) [12:19:46:680]: Product: Microsoft Document Explorer 2008 -- Configuration failed.

I hope this is of assistance in your situation.

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One of the things to also keep in mind is that when you have Visual Studio 2010 SP1 installed some C++ compilers and libraries may have been removed. There's been an update made available by Microsoft to make sure those are brought back to your system.

Install this update to restore the Visual C++ compilers and libraries that may have been removed when Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) was installed. The compilers and libraries are part of the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit for Windows 7 and the .NET Framework 4 (later referred to as the Windows SDK 7.1).

Also, when you read the VS2010 SP1 README you'll also notice that some notes have been made in regards to the Windows 7 SDK (See section 2.2.1) installation. It may be that one of these conditions may apply to you and therefore may need to uncheck the C++ compiler-checkbox as the SDK installer will attempt to install an older version of compilers ÓR you may need to uninstall VS2010 SP1 and re-run the SDK 7.1 installation, repair or modification.

Condition 1: If the Visual C++ Compilers checkbox is selected when the Windows SDK 7.1 is installed, repaired, or modified after Visual Studio 2010 SP1 has been installed, the error may be encountered and some selected components may not be installed.

Workaround: Clear the Visual C++ Compilers checkbox before you run the Windows SDK 7.1 installation, repair, or modification.

Condition 2: If the Visual C++ Compilers checkbox is selected when the Windows SDK 7.1 is installed, repaired, or modified after Visual Studio 2010 has been installed but Visual Studio 2010 SP1 has not been uninstalled, the error may be encountered.

Workaround: Uninstall Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and then rerun the Windows SDK 7.1 installation, repair, or modification.

However, even then I found that I still needed to uninstall any existing Visual C++ 2010 redistributables, as has been suggested by mgrandi.

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I could never get the Win7 SDK to install either, and it suggested I remove the latest SDK and VS Express 2012. That didn't work. There was also something about .NET 3.5. I installed the Server 2008 SDK with .NET 3.5, uninstalled VS 2010 redistributables, and made sure redistributables were unchecked in the installation options. Also, you need the .NET 4 framework already installed, which you can download from Microsoft's site. Then it worked. Hope that helps...

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mgrandi provided a very good resource and answer. I followed similar guidelines and by removing 'leftover' components managed to solve the problem.

As a reference, take a look at Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 Release Notes.

This downloads the release notes of the SDK (you should also have it on your computer after trying to install the SDK), and in the section 'Installing and Uninstalling the Windows SDK' you can see that Microsoft recommend cleaning some mess after them.

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Uninstalling all C++ redistributables and unchecking the C++ option worked for me. Note that I have VS2010 SP1, and VS2012 installed already.

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I installed Visual Studio 2012 and installed Visual Studio 2010 service package 1 and tried installing the SDK again, and it worked. I don't know which of them solved the problem.

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I'd like to add that removing the Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable may be necessary, too. I removed both the Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable x84 and x64 and then my installation worked.

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Do you have access to a PC with windows 7, or a PC with the SDK already installed? If so, the easiest solution is to copy the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1 folder from the Win 7 machine to the Win 8 machine.

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It's not the normal/typical/recommended way to get the SDK in place, but it's quick try and will work most of the time. I set my Windows 10 / VS2015 development PC up this way and thought I'd share the tip. – Jared Dykstra Nov 19 '15 at 14:26

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