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Currently I'm doing a check :


This works great but I'd like to have multiple users(2-3) to check for. I'd also like to not have it hard coded. Is there a way to do this in the web.config or in a database?

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You could add a list in the config...User1,User2 etc and then use linq and .Any() against this list?

    var users = "user1,user2,user3".Split(','); //list will come from your config
    bool result = users.Any(u => u == this.User.Identity.Name);

Also, since you're using MVC, if you want to use authorization for controllers etc, you can use the [Authorize] attribute. See this SO link too Authorize attribute in ASP.NET MVC

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Maybe use roles instead then add the relevant users to that role? This would make it easier to expand on in the future, plus you don't have to hard code a list of users.

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