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I'm using python with winpcapy to read pcap file, and I can't really find how can this be extended to reading pcapng files. Using the code below with pcapng files returns "bad dump file format" in errbuf

The code I'm using (straight from winpcapy examples folder):

    def listenFile(self, filename, callback_fun):
    dispatcher_handler = PHAND(callback_fun)

    errbuf= create_string_buffer(PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE)

    ## Open the capture file
    fp = pcap_open_offline(filename, errbuf)
    if not bool(fp):
        print ("\nUnable to open the file %s.\n" % filename)
        print errbuf
    ## read and dispatch packets until EOF is reached
    pcap_loop(fp, 0, dispatcher_handler, None)

winpcapy is simple and fun, and has a lot of examples on its ZIP file, but google searches return almost empty! How come?

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