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Ive build a animation image in photoshop with 12 frames/images in it. So im trying to make this draw function to go through the first 4 images in file. The width of the picture is in pixel 1340. So actually there is a new frame in each 340 pixels in the first row. There are 3 rows. The whole image resolution is 1330x1998. So If I write

new Rectangle(_animationFrame * 0, 0, 3100, 3900)

So Now its showing the first picture from all of the pictures. So if I increment by one that animationFrame its not going to next picture. aargh what im failing here?


I got it working like this

int[] x = { 0, -780, -1560, -2332 };

protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)        {
_spriteBatch.Draw(_radarTexture, new Rectangle(x[i], 0, 3100, 3900), Color.White);

Update function will increment value in x array to go through frames. It is ridiculously wasting of time, when your trying to test right scale and x/y coordinates to get it right. There must be easier way but cant get it...

EDIT 2 Okay I think I get it. Photoshop showed as centimeters, not pixels the coordinate when I clicked options open. Thanks all for helping out. I will mark the first answer as right because now in this case it is the right answer. Thank you

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What do you think is the result of multiplying any number by zero? –  user1306322 Sep 25 '13 at 21:47

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Maybe what you wanted to do was:

new Rectangle(_animationFrame * 340, ...)

since "there is a new frame in each 340 pixels" as you wrote.
What you're doing now, as the comment says, is multiplying a number by 0, and that's useless.


What I understand is that you want to draw the first 4 images of your spritesheet, each one havig a width of 340. Their height I suppose to be 1998/3, because you have 3 rows in your spritesheet.
So, here's your code (_animationFrame starts from 0):

new Rectangle(_animationFrame * 340, 0, 430, 1998 / 3);
if (_animationFrame == 4)
  _animationFrame = 0;
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Could yo be more precise in practical meaning what int x, int y, width, height does? –  Jon Koivula Sep 26 '13 at 8:34
I've edited my answer. –  pinckerman Sep 26 '13 at 12:58
So ive tried and this what happened. When I used width: 430 and heigth 1998 / 3 it zoomed out the whole picture, so I was able to see the whole image file and being moved left to rigth pretty fast. And when I used width:3100 and heigth: 3900 it zoomed in to first frame of first row. And when animationFrame got + 1, it looked like the whole image just when half of it to right. Outside of phone actually. Ive uploaded the picture here: link so you can see it for youself what im trying. Exact resolution is 1330x1998 . –  Jon Koivula Sep 26 '13 at 17:57
Interesting. I made x coordinate value to -780 and it did show 100% of the next picture. It's just strange that its negative value not positive as my book told me, and I need to try different values to got it exact right. hmm –  Jon Koivula Sep 26 '13 at 18:03
If you want to animate a sprite you need to change the texture to draw every draw cycle (or slower if you want), but you have to draw only a part of the whole spritesheet to animate it correctly. In your case you have 12 frames, so you have to draw a Rectangle having dimensions (1330/4, 1998/3). Of course that Rectangle is the Nullable<Rectangle> sourceRectangle parameter of your draw. –  pinckerman Sep 26 '13 at 18:24

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