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I know it's a long shot, but is there some package or means to insert emoticons into a LaTeX document?

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I know at least two partial ways:





Or you can use images (as mentioned in other replies).

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Your answer works fine for me. Can you correct the "smiley" spelling mistake? Thanks. –  Ashwin Oct 10 '08 at 6:48
Seems like the package uses raster font :( –  hyde Mar 15 at 5:51
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What's against a simple {\tt :-)}?

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Unicode's "miscellaneous symbols" include 3 simple emoticons: 0x2639-0x263B. You can possibly use 0x2686-0x2689 as well.

For more variation you are going to need to use images and include them somehow.

I am curious as to the circumstances which lead to this question :)

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I prepare the assignment handout for my students in LaTeX (exported to PDF). I would love to include a smiley in there for the students :-) –  Ashwin Oct 10 '08 at 6:34
Ah, I guess that is justified - I would like to see smilies in my assignments. Though not if you only put them in hard questions, and following by "this should be easy" :P –  freespace Oct 10 '08 at 12:10
Good idea, but to apply this you need to know how to enter Unicode characters. See stackoverflow.com/questions/219853/… –  John D. Cook Oct 21 '08 at 13:49
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One solution is to use bclogo package. It contains two smileys (happy & sad), plus many other small "logos" like flags and others.

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First answer: Don't do that!

Second answer: I doubt you'll find a font with them, so why not screencapture the ones you want and include them (boxed) inline in your text?

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Now they've gotten into 'TeX as well. Will this usenet madness never stop ? –  ldigas Feb 7 '09 at 4:08
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