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My goal:

  • Start a process(Install application) on a remote machine with params
  • Wait for the process to finish and throw an event when it's completed.

I'm getting an error "Unparseable query" at this line:
var watcher = manWatch.WaitForNextEvent();

I have a database of about 2xx different applications i can install from using this method. Not every application gives me this error during install. Some are succesful and some not. I do believe it's the way I'm going about getting the event. Any ideas?

    private void StartAppAction(string PCName, string Command)

        string Params = @"\\" + PCName + @"\C$\SoftwareInstall\" + Command;
        ConnectionOptions conOpt = new ConnectionOptions();
        conOpt.Impersonation = ImpersonationLevel.Impersonate;
        conOpt.Authentication = AuthenticationLevel.Default;
        conOpt.EnablePrivileges = true;

        ManagementScope manScope = new ManagementScope(String.Format(@"\\{0}\ROOT\CIMV2", PCName), conOpt);

        ObjectGetOptions objGetOpt = new ObjectGetOptions();
        ManagementPath manPath = new ManagementPath("Win32_Process");
        ManagementClass manClass = new ManagementClass(manScope, manPath, objGetOpt);

        ManagementBaseObject inParams = manClass.GetMethodParameters("Create");
        inParams["CommandLine"] = Params;
        ManagementBaseObject outParams = manClass.InvokeMethod("Create", inParams, null);

        string queryString = "SELECT * From WIN32_ProcessStopTrace WHERE ProcessID= outParams['ProcessID']";
        WqlEventQuery wqlQuery = new WqlEventQuery(queryString);
        ManagementEventWatcher manWatch = new ManagementEventWatcher(@"\\" + PCName + @"\root\CIMV2", "SELECT * From WIN32_ProcessStopTrace WHERE ProcessID=" + outParams["ProcessID"]);

        var watcher = manWatch.WaitForNextEvent();

        if (watcher["ExitStatus"].ToString() == "0")
            MessageBox.Show("Remote Exection Finished Succesfully with ExitCode 0");
            MessageBox.Show("Remote Exection exited with the code of " + watcher["ExitStatus"].ToString());

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You had a typo in your WQL sentece replace this line

string queryString = "SELECT * From WIN32_ProcessStopTrace WHERE ProcessID= outParams['ProcessID']";

by this one

string queryString = String.Format("SELECT * From WIN32_ProcessStopTrace WHERE ProcessID={0}",outParams['ProcessID']);
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Thanks @RRUZ for the reply. Just replaced my code with yours, and I'm still getting the same problem. I also had to add double quotes in the outParams["ProcessID"] part. –  HiTech Sep 26 '13 at 0:22

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