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lets say i have this:

<div id="wrapper">
     <div id="a_12"></div>
     <div id="a_13"></div>
     <div id="a_14"></div>
     <div id="a_15"></div>
     <div id="a_16"></div>
     <div id="a_17"></div>

How can i target the div that ends with 15 using jQuery?

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Use the attribute-ends-with selector:


JS Fiddle demo.

Or, you could use filter():

    return this.id.slice(-2) == '15';

JS Fiddle demo.


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Try using ends with selector on attribute value:

$('#wrapper').find('[id$="15"]'); //here find on the wrapper since you never know you may have some other element with id ends with 15 on your page.

When using ends with selector, you must be careful, so provide as much specificity as possible to end up selecting the right one.


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