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I have a set of old gems I can't install from internet.

My plan is to copy what is in production server to my local environment.

  1. gem env to know where gems are being installed.
  2. cd to_gems_dir
  3. there are a of of folders there,
  4. I copied cache folder to my local machine
  5. under vendor/cache inside project folder.
  6. run bundle to check everything is OK.

But is not, bundler tries to install some gems, some others not. I don't know too much about bundler and gems envs, so my question is what am I doing wrong here? any other ideas to replicate remote gem set in my local machine?

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This is what I did:

for file in vendor/cache/*; do gem i --local $file; done

Then all gems where installed, finally:

bundle check
The Gemfile's dependencies are satisfied
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