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I am using IceFaces components and I am trying to fill up a select with some values that correspond to a MangedBean property.

    <ice:selectOneMenu size="1" style="width: 180px">
        <f:selectItem value="#{stockManagedBean.listeCategoriesItem}"></f:selectItem>

listeCategoriesItem is a property of StockManagedBean and is an ArrayList of SelectItem.

public class StockManagedBean {
    CategorieDAO categorieDAO;
    List<SelectItem> listeCategoriesItem;

    public StockManagedBean() {
        categorieDAO = new CategorieDAO();
        listeCategoriesItem = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();    
        List<Categorie> listeCategories = categorieDAO.selectAllCat();
        for(Categorie categorie: listeCategories) {
            listeCategoriesItem.add(new SelectItem(categorie.getCatId(), categorie.getCatNom()));

public List<SelectItem> getListeCategoriesItem() {
    return listeCategoriesItem; 

public void setListeCategoriesItem(List<SelectItem> listeCategoriesItem) {
    this.listeCategoriesItem = listeCategoriesItem;

I tested the values that come from my DAO and they are all correct. I also tested the values of the list in the getter and they are also correct, but when I load my html page, nothing is in the select list...

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Use <f:selectItems> instead of <f:selectItem>. Note the s at the end of the former component.

<ice:selectOneMenu size="1" style="width: 180px">
    <f:selectItems value="#{stockManagedBean.listeCategoriesItem}" />

Also, it would be good to also have a field in your bean that will handle the value of the selected item in your selectOneMenu.

<ice:selectOneMenu size="1" style="width: 180px"
    <f:selectItems value="#{stockManagedBean.listeCategoriesItem}" />

And in your managed bean:

public class StockManagedBean {
    private String selectedCategory;
    //rest of your code
    //getters and setters...
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I lost so many time searching for the solution, what a stupid error haha. And good tip, thank you! – user1834464 Sep 25 '13 at 22:30
Also, remember to use correct case though not related to your question, I had trouble using normal case vs camelCase tags! – Narayana Nagireddi Sep 26 '13 at 3:15

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