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i dont know if we can ask architectural questions, anyway, the problem we are trying to solve is if we have a private server and we decide only to run our program, all the applications on the server would use the same engine.

and if we were about to use asp.net since we could register assemblies in GAC and common configurations would be shared with machine.config and views could be embedded in assemblies as well, and of course the static content would be on CDNs, so in the best case scenario, for each website we would end up with:

  • userfiles
  • AppData
  • global.aspx
  • web.config

the question is how to implement above situation in Rails. the goal is, no code should be carried in each website (application instance), so with single update all applications would be upgraded, and what about db migrations, is there any AutoMigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion in rails?!?!?

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