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I have recently begun using the turtle module in Python, and I admit, I am a complete novice. I have been having trouble getting the graphics window in which the turtle does its drawing to stay open. Even when I try to run something as simple as this:

import turtle
wn = turtle.Screen()
tur = turtle.Turtle()

all I get is the Python launcher icon to appear on my dock for a split second and close. Any help is appreciated, and I am, by the way, doing this in Aptana Studio 3.

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Also, you may want to try


which in my opinion just works slightly better than with Tk.

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They're actually the exact same function (turtle just re-exports it from Tkinter), but you're right, this would save an unneeded import and as such is probably the better way to go. –  javawizard Oct 9 '13 at 22:01


import Tkinter

to the end of your script, and that'll fix it.

What's happening is that once you've created a screen and drawn to it, there's nothing to stop Python from immediately exiting. The call to Tkinter.mainloop synchronously processes events from Tkinter (the GUI toolkit on which Python's turtle library is built) until the screen window is closed.

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