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Hi i ant to use the legacy notepad app provided in SDK in my own project . I read somewhere that i can make it a library project and reference it in my main project .

But i don't know what all more is required and what needs to be separately added in my project manifest file . Please help .

I am trying to accomplish the task that the "savenotes" button on my main menu file when clicked launches this complete notepad app .

I tried the following :

  1. Made Notepad sample a library by checking is library
  2. In my main project added the reference and build path to Noteslist which is what the project in sample SDK is called
  3. In my Menu.java file implemented a Onclick for button "SaveNotes" and usin intent called the NotesList.class

however doing so

  1. I see a red cross where i referenced NotesList in properties
  2. My application force closes on button click

Do i also have to declare something in my main manifest.xml ?

Please help

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