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I have a conflict between a jQuery UI Autocomplete widget and SlickGrid.

My code from within the custom cell editor's this.init() to create the INPUT:

$input = $("<INPUT type=text id='tags' class='editor-text' />").
appendTo(args.container).bind("keydown.nav", function (e) {
    if (e.which === $.ui.keyCode.LEFT || e.which === $.ui.keyCode.RIGHT) {
    if ((e.which === $.ui.keyCode.DOWN) || (e.which === $.ui.keyCode.UP)) {
    if (e.which === $.ui.keyCode.RETURN) {

This is followed later by the call to instantiate the Autocomplete object:

    source: availableTags

Using the above code blocks, the cell correctly changes to edit mode, whereby the input is focused and the Autocomplete functionality renders the list of suggestions which are able to be clicked.

What is missing in the above scenario is the ability to use the $.ui.keyCode.DOWN to navigate the Autocomplete suggestions list.

I can get the $.ui.keyCode.DOWN able to navigate the Autocomplete suggestions if I modify the above $input creation as follows:

$input = $('<div class="ui-widget"><INPUT ... /></div>')...

By wrapping the INPUT with the ui-widget DIV, it seems to conform more to the Autocomplete object's standards, but has the unwanted effect of preventing the INPUT from automatically being focused.

Any targeted calls to set the focus() on the INPUT when generated with the ui-widget DIV wrapping it fail.

Attempts to render the INPUT without the ui-widget DIV wrapper and adding it after cell is rendered as follows does not improve the behavior at all:

$( "#tags" ).wrap('<div class="ui-widget"></div>');

**whilst there are a few questions related to SlickGrid not being able to focus on INPUT elements, most are unanswered and those few solved referenced z-index adjustments which do not work for my case.

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