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I am trying to edit/modify a value of the query string.

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} [^|&]return_to=(.*)[&|$] [NC]
RewriteRule /login https://domain/login?return_to=https://otherdomain/%1 [QSA,R] 

I added spaces for clarity! Given this input:

https://domain/login ?user=me &return_to=somepage.html

I expect this out:

https://domain/login ?user=me &return_to=https://otherdomain/somepage.html

But I get this:

https://domain/login ?return_to=https://otherdomain/true &user=me &return_to=somepage.htm

First of all, why 'true'? Second why doesn't it edit the existing val, but instead prepend it (I understand QSA does that editing).

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