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Method 1:

def funtion1(){
//Code here

Method 2:

def function2={
//code here

actually what are the difference between defining these two type of method... And which one is good ..

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Controller Actions as Methods It is now possible to define controller actions as methods instead of using closures as in previous versions of Grails.

In fact this is now the preferred way of expressing an action.

So, if you use grails > 2.*, define actions as methods instead of as clothures.

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Well, the first one if a function and the second is a closure.

A Groovy Closure is like a "code block" or a method pointer. It is a piece of code that is defined and then executed at a later point. It has some special properties like implicit variables, support for currying and support for free variables.

I think that traditional methods is what you need. You probably should use closures in some special cases, but it's really big topic for thought.

So you better read about closures here and may be here.

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