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# /spec/presenters/pdf_download_spec.rb

  describe "instance methods" do
    let(:survey) { Survey.create :title => "test survey" }
    let(:pdf_download) { PdfDownload.new survey }
    before do
      # only write to tmp folders
      PdfDownload.any_instance.stub(:location_prefix) { '../tmp' }

    it "should stub location prefix properly" do
      pdf_download.system_path.should_not be_empty
      pdf_download.system_path.should be_include File.join(Rails.root, 'tmp')
      pdf_download.system_path.should be_start_with File.join(Rails.root, 'tmp')

# app/models/pdf_download.rb

  def system_path
    File.expand_path File.join Rails.root, "public", location_path

The failure message:

  1) PdfDownload instance methods should stub location prefix properly
     Failure/Error: expect(pdf_download.system_path).to be_empty
       undefined local variable or method `be_empty' for #<#<Class:0x007f8af0924870>:0x007f8af1b82a08>
     # ./spec/presenters/pdf_download_spec.rb:36:in `block (3 levels) in <top (required)>'

Why doesn't rspec recognize be_include or be_start_with as valid methods as described here? It might be something obvious, in which case I apologize. I have rspec 2.12.2. Thanks!

Update: I realized in rspec-expectations 2.12, start_with and include are built-in matchers, so I don't need to (indeed I can't) prefix them with be_ anymore. That solves 2 of the 3 failures above. But I still get a failure with should_not be_empty, which according to the docs should still work.

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@sawa please see edit above. –  kitkat Sep 26 '13 at 15:07
If you vote to close this question, please explain how I can improve it. I have added clarification and updated my progress. –  kitkat Sep 26 '13 at 19:49

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be_include is not a matcher or finder. I think, you want to check, if your file path is correct or not, Do this :

pdf_download.system_path.should eql(File.join(Rails.root, 'tmp'))

you can use include like this, but I dont think it will work. You should do this :-

pdf_download.system_path.should include File.join(Rails.root, 'tmp')



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be_include should be a custom matcher as described here. It's possible that feature has been phased out in my rspec version though. Still investigating. –  kitkat Sep 26 '13 at 15:18

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