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I was trying to build a video / image slider for mobile devices and I'm using Brightcove to display my videos.

Though due to limitations in the Brightcove versions I'm struggling to get my slider to work after a video has been played since I remove my overlay and Brightcove inserts an Iframe which disables pretty much all of my touch events (which are handled via hammer.js).

Let me show you my code:

Slider Markup:

<div id="wrapper">
    <div class='slide'>
        //Brightcove Player get's inserted here. Images are displayed via background
    <div class='slideprevious'>
    <div class='slidefollowing'>

Brightcove Initialisation:

var addVideo = function(){
    $('.slide').append('<div id="tsVideoPlayer"></div>');

    tsCreatePlayer('tsVideoPlayer', slides.eq(num).data('video-id'), 'XXXXXXXX');

    if(typeof bcPlayer === 'undefined'){
             //asynchronous loading of JS
             $.getScript( "http://admin.brightcove.com/js/BrightcoveExperiences_all.js" ),
             $.getScript( "/xxx/xxx/brightcove_video.js" ),
             $.Deferred(function( deferred ){
                 $( deferred.resolve );
     } else {

Event Handling:

function getPlayerId(data) {
    for (var prop in data)
        return prop;
var player = bcPlayer.getExperience(getPlayerId(bcPlayer.experienceObjects)).modules.videoPlayer;

player.addEventListener(BCMediaEvent.PLAY, onPlayEventFired);
player.addEventListener(BCMediaEvent.STOP, onStopEventFired);

function onPlayEventFired() {

 function onStopEventFired() {

brightcove_video.js: http://pastebin.com/fTL5Uhqc

This actually works flawlessly on my Desktop in every browser. But as soon as I test it on Apple devices it doesn't work since the Flash Object isn't loaded anymore, but instead an iFrame.

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There are two Brightcove player API versions -- the legacy Flash-only player API and the Smart Player API. You're using the former which as you've guessed by now doesn't work with HTML players.

This doc on the Brightcove support site details refactoring your code from the old to the new player API.

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This is actually the correct answer, but I found out that I'm not able to use the Smart Player API, since our advert company can't produce ads for that. –  Schwierig Oct 1 '13 at 6:56
That sounds unusual. Normally Brightcove video ad partners work by running a plugin/translator in the player. Even if they use the Flash-only API in a swf plugin that wouldn't preclude you from also using the smart player API in js on the page. –  misterben Oct 1 '13 at 7:50
The ads work, but for some reason they don't want us to implement it in the Smart Player API. I don't know if there is some tracking reason behind this, or if they aren't really sure how the Smart Player API works. –  Schwierig Oct 1 '13 at 14:13

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