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I want to list the actors and use cases for the following system: A system to handle the functions of a mail-order company that manages a warehouse of goods, takes orders from customers, and ships goods overnight to customers.

These are my use cases.I want to know if the use cases shipping system,stock management system can be considered as use cases.And also please check if these are correct and if I have to remove or add any use cases.

Customer - Search for items by category and price

  • Post questions regarding order

  • Order items

  • Make payments.

Stock management System

  • Maintain stocks by item name,quantity

  • Issue a notice if stock checking date passed

Shipping System

  • Calculate shipping cost

  • Check for the best possible shipping dates and ships

  • Sort by shipping cost

Packing system

  • Check for the best possible way an item can be packed,so that minimizes cost and space

Warehouse manager

  • Add new items

  • Delete items

  • Schedule delivery

  • Order new items

Company Manager

  • All the use cases of warehouse manager
  • Accept online orders
  • Process order
  • View all packing,shipping,stock details
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Customer is not a use case, it is a role. Use-cases are interaction algorithms between a role and a system. To solve your problem, first list the possible roles (what types of users do we have), then list your systems. After you have completed the two list, think about their mapping: How can a role use a system? This is the question you will have to answer.

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