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I'm trying to get HERE Maps working on Firefox 12 and I'm having troubles with the SearchBox component, in particular clicking on a search result.

After a little debug, I found that the jsPlacesAPI.js remote script throws an error at this point:

var b=t.parse(s.getItem(u))||{};

This causes an error because u is nokia.places.suggestions and s.getItem(u) returns an empty string.

Obviously, t.parse('') fails because the empty string is not valid JSON.

This works like a charm in the latest Firefox, Chrome and IE8+.

Any suggestion, apart from updating FF?

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The only way to make it works was to hack the json2.js script in order to not throw an exception on parsing ''.

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It is exactly what I've done. –  Flea777 Oct 24 '13 at 23:46

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