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I've replaced a method to_s inside of String class, but as I can see, when I run puts "string", ruby calls not the to_s method.

def add_method(cls)
  cls.class_eval do
    def initialize
      self.new('you hacked')

    def to_s
      'you hacked'

add_method String

puts "zxzxzzx"
puts "zxzxzzx".to_s

which outputs:

>> zxzxzzx
>> you hacked

How to replace this implicit initialization ?

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when I run puts "string", ruby calls not the to_s method.

It's already a string, no conversion is done. For more information, see source for IO#puts.

And also, that attempted trick with initializer won't work. Return value of initialize is ignored. It can only be used to set properties on already created object, it can't replace that object.

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