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Is there a way to force a video to play full screen on the iPad?

I have a basic anchor which has the link to Vimeo, however this opens in the browser window - rather than full screen.

<a href="">
   <p>watch the film</p>

I've had a look around StackOverflow and this question shows how to go the other way and force it to play inline, rather than full-screen. But I don't see an option to reverse this.

I am testing on an iPad 2 running iOS 7.

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    function addFullscreenButton() {

        if (vid.webkitSupportsFullscreen) {

            var fs = document.getElementById("fs");

   = "visible";



    function goFullscreen() {




<video src="myMovie.m4v" id="myVideo" autoplay controls></video>
<input type="button" id="fs" value="Fullscreen" onclick="goFullscreen()" style="visibility:hidden">


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