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I'm not sure if this question should be done in the superusers, but anyway, lets give it a try.

Here is my problem.. I'm running ubuntu 9.10 and I'm tying to create a development environment with Vim and it's plugins. I've done everything that I needed, but I'm having some issues with the snippets:

When I'm in a model and I press:


I got:

belongs_to :<+association_name+><+, :class_name => "<+Object+>", :foreign_key => "<+<+object+>_id+>"+>

But if I start typing, instead of replace the association_name with what I type, it just place the text after the line.

Anyone know what could be happening?


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You should mention which snippet plugin you're using, what (if any) customization of it you've done, etc. –  jamessan Dec 14 '09 at 18:39
<+ +> looks like latex-suite substitution fields...try Ctrl-j to move between them. –  abeyer Jan 1 '10 at 1:57

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not sure which plugin you're using but snipMate has a much easier config/syntax for creating and using snippets within vim,


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