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I have installed gclient and get jingle code.

I followed this link(

  • tools/ --->success

  • second step mvn install was stoped after this line.was this ending? still have any?

    [INFO] /home/liv/VOIP/VOIP-android/android-ndk-r8d-lin/ndk-build [-C, /home/liv/VOIP/VOIP-android/kumar/trunk/android/voice-client-native, NDK_APPLICATION_MK=jni/, -j, 2, NDK_APP_OUT=/home/liv/VOIP/VOIP-android/kumar/trunk/android/voice-client-native/obj/default_debug, all]
  • run this command:

    build/android/gdb_apk -p com.tuenti.voice.example -s VoiceClientService -l android/voice-client-native/obj/${build_profile}/local/${app_abi}

    got error message:

    Debug package com.tuenti.voice.example Assume native shared library is under android/voice-client-native/obj//local/ No com.tuenti.voice.example running? Try this: adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -n com.tuenti.voice.example/.SomethingActivity (Something might be ContentShell)

*)run try this command got error this error:

Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW }

really i dont know what will i do for run this project? really this readme file is very difficult to see and run.

what is the procedure for xmpp jingle voip enable for my project.why i do this step? i dont know get the reason.Please help me

send the link for any sample project using jinglelib for voip

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try this I am also trying it out, but get stuck after building successfully and then fail to find the 'libs' folder/directory.

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I've also tried this link and failed to find 'libs' folder. – Arsalan Jan 31 '14 at 11:43

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