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so i am using angular js and i have got a controller and a directive.

directive = ->
        items: "=mkTagsInput"
    link: (scope, element, attributes, controller) ->
            name: "list"
            local: scope.items

well this is my directive (in coffescript) so far.

<input type="text" data-role="tagsinput" mk-tags-input="labels" />

This is the way i am calling the directive. The problem is that I initialize the labels array with []. and I also make an Ajax request to load the data, but the directive seems to be loaded to early, so that in scope.items is always [] as the value.

Any idea how i can fix that?

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What you can do is to create a watch over the directive scope items. In this way when the items collection is updated you would get notification

scope.$watch('items',function(newValue,oldValue) {
  if(newValue) {
      //Your item conllection is in newValue

Basically a watch is triggered any time to reference to the items collection is changed. If you are on angularjs 1.2.0 RC then also look for method watchCollection on scope. See documentation here$rootScope.Scope

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thx that worked –  Safari Sep 26 '13 at 9:35

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