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I am designing an android application.I am using SQLite database. In my application can I access my database without rooting the device. I know how to get database when running an emulator. can this is possible for devices also?

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Which database are you talking about ? If your talking about the local Android database (SQLite) yes, you can get access to it and create your table / execute queries. You gonna need to write a class (a DataBaseHelper).

It your are talking about a remote database (on your web server so, MySQL I think) you may follow those steps (this is the way I use too) :

A*ndroid phone -> .php File -> Database MySQL*

You need to write an asyntask with HTTP POST request to target you .php file on the web server. This file will execute your query and construct a JSON Object to return. The JSON Object will be parse into the AsyncTask to get Strings, etc.

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There're several ways to store data on Android OS.


Please refer to this article for more information.

To summarize,

if you want to use sqlite database(relational database), I recommend using the content resolver.

Also, can you clarify more on

"Can I send my database to web server by anyway"
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