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I have read & understood a question that describes how to add parameters to a function. I was wondering how, to make more modular code and plugins slightly more rigid. How would I go about creating default parameter values and user options within your plugin or your function?

    parameter1: false, //User added
    //the rest of the options
    //Still adds the rest of the default options except above

I understand that these are variables but am not sure how to intertwine them into the overall function as a User parameter that can would take presidence over the default.

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Found the information I needed here:… –  meeb0 Sep 26 '13 at 9:52

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Here is an example of how I do it. I love doing this kind of thing. Makes the plugin easy for the user and easy to incrementally enhance.

(function ($) {
$.fn.yourCoolPlugin = function(options) {
        // Extend our default options with those provided.
        // Note that the first arg to extend is an empty object -
        // this is to keep from updating our "defaults" object.
        var opts = $.extend({}, $.yourCoolPlugin.defaults, options);

        // Now your opts variable wil have either the defaults or values passed by the user.
        DoSomething(opts.parameter1, opts.parameter2);

$.yourCoolPlugin.defaults = {
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