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I'm trying to export the properties of an Exchange 2010 MailboxDatabase on a Windows 2008R2 server (with Powershell 3.0). I do the following:

$dbs = Get-MailboxDatabase -Status
ConvertTo-Json $dbs[0].DatabaseSize

The resulting JSON is just {} - an empty Object. But the output of $dbs[0].DatabaseSize is 320.1 GB (343,742,152,704 bytes). Which seems correct but also odd, because it has no clear datatype.

If I export the whole object, the DatabaseSize is also empty, despite numerous other properties exported correctly.

How do I export the DatabaseSize in valid JSON?

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I figured it out: $dbs[0].DatabaseSize is of type System.ValueType. I need to convert it explicitly like so:


which gives me a big number which I can perfectly ConvertTo-Json :).

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