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Currently I am using:

<title ng-bind-template="FuturePhones: {{query}}">FuturePhones</title>

But this means that when the page is loaded the title will be:


If i query my controller for "iPhone" i get the title:

FuturePhones: iPhone

How do I in the simplest way hide the : until a query has been completed?

  <title ng-bind-template="FuturePhones {{query ? ':'+query : ''}}">FuturePhones</title>

Does not work, it destroys the query... The query comes from:

<b>Search:</b><input ng-model="query" placeholder="Find...">
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With simple ternary operator:

<title ng-bind-template="FuturePhones{{query ? ': ' + query : ''}}">FuturePhones</title>
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really? can you use {{}} inside ng-bind? –  David Karlsson Sep 26 '13 at 11:18
If your model "gets destroyed" by the unrelated conditional than there's something horribly wrong with your setup. Working plunker. –  Stewie Sep 26 '13 at 13:50
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