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I am looking for a .NET 2.0 compatible simple Chart/Graph control to embed in my Winform application. So far I could only found Zed Graph. While it has all the functionality I need and then some, my problem is that its looks too professional for its own good. I tried customizing it and playing with its styling properties but the graph still looked dull.

I need a snazzy looking control which can give a chart that looks similar to this one

enter image description here

I don't really need all the details Zed Graph gives.

Can someone suggest a free control that can do this. Please bare in mind that the control should work with .NET 2.0


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Questions asking us to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow –  Soner Gönül Sep 26 '13 at 10:50

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NPlot (formerly known as scpl) is a free charting library for .NET. It boasts an elegant and flexible API. NPlot includes controls for Windows.Forms, ASP.NET and a class for creating Bitmaps.

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