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I Have a site that is split into three units(subdomains):

example.com # Main Site
archive.example.com # Searchable Archive
admin.example.com # CMS

At the bottom of config/routes.rb I'm mapping the subdomains and root as follows:

  match "/" => "archive#index", constraints: {subdomain: "archive"}
  match "/" => "admin#index", constraints: {subdomain: "admin"}
  root :to => "pages#index

I have a number of resources which are currently declared like:

  resources :users
  resources :themes
  resources :downloads

With this setup, the resources are available in all subdomains, so for the users resource the following are all valid:


How do I set up my routes so that users are only available under an admin subdomain? Visiting archive.example.com/users or example.com/users should result in a Routing Error.

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This should do the trick:

constraints :subdomain => "admin" do
  resources :users
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