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I have a linux (Ubuntu 12.04) server running nodejs and node-inspector for debug, however I cannot access the debug from another machine, running windows.

Here is what I got:

  • Downloaded the most recent stable version (v0.10.18) from nodejs site for linux.
  • Then I cd to $HOME/Downloads/node-v0.10.18-linux-x86/bin
  • Installed node-inspector with ./npm install -g node-inspector
  • Start node-inspector with ./node node-inspector
  • Then I open another tab or terminal window and run my program with debug mode on the same directory: ./node --debug http.js

On another machine (windows), in the same network, I open google chrome and type at the address bar:

And I get blank screen such as this: enter image description here

Clicked on the sources at the top left corner, but nothing. I know it is connected, because if I kill node.js with Ctrl+C I immediately get a message Detached from the target from chrome.

Any ideas what is going on? Firewall on windows is already down and both machines can see each other with ping test. One is and the other is

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Debugging nodes src/http.js with node-inspector You can try putting a breakpoint and used it like ./node --debug-brk http.js

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Already tried that, but it didn't worked. The result is the same when I use chrome on ubuntu. I'm running it on a Virtual Machine. –  Vini.g.fer Sep 26 '13 at 20:15

Make sure you have adblock disabled as well as any other content blocking scripts and plugins.

See issue #220 for the related discussion.

If this does not help then open a new issue on GitHub please, it's a better place for troubleshooting possible bugs.

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