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i am using twitter4j in my android application to post status to twitter like in this example:

All is working good but the question is: The authentication is done via browser .. is there any way to detect if twitter app already installed on mobile and authenticate via it ?


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EDITED: November 27, 2014

Twitter recently released Fabric that does include SSO support. From the Android docs:

When attempting to obtain an authentication token, the Kit will use the locally installed Twitter app to offer a single sign-on experience. If the Kit is unable to access the authentication token through the Twitter app, it falls back to using a web view to finish the OAuth process.

My older response is below.

tl;dr Currently, SSO with Twitter is not possible on Android.

Longer version: What you are basically asking for is Single sign-on (SSO), similar to what is available with the Facebook SDK for Android. Twitter has never bothered to even implement their own library for Android, let alone SSO. There are a bunch of people who have asked on the dev forums (here and here) but the standard response is, and I quote,

We do not currently offer a SDK for Android with the same level of tight integration as is available in iOS5.

Twitter needs to first get their Android app to support SSO. I would suggest using Facebook and Google+ for login instead of Twitter.

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Many thanks Rahul for detailed clear answer .. – H.Android Nov 8 '13 at 1:10

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