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# Routes
# This file defines all application routes (Higher priority routes first)
# ~~~~

# Home page
GET     /                   controllers.Application.index()

# Tasks
GET     /tasks              controllers.Application.tasks()
POST    /tasks              controllers.Application.newTask()
POST    /tasks/:id/delete   controllers.Application.deleteTask(id: Long)

# Map static resources from the /public folder to the /assets URL path
GET     /assets/*file       controllers.Assets.at(path="/public", file)

The URL:


The error:

Action not found

For request 'GET /tasks/2/delete'
These routes have been tried, in this order:

1 GET   /                          controllers.Application.index()
2 GET   /tasks                     controllers.Application.tasks()
3 POST  /tasks                     controllers.Application.newTask()
4 POST  /tasks/$id<[^/]+>/delete   controllers.Application.deleteTask(id:Long)
5 GET   /assets/$file<.+>          controllers.Assets.at(path:String = "/public", file:String)

The HTML fragment:

<form action="/tasks/2/delete" method="POST" >
   <input type="submit" value="Delete">

I don't understand why the rule #4 can't apply.

Where is my mistake?

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I finally complete myself the POST request to add the missing id:

@(tasks: List[Task], taskForm: Form[Task])

@import helper._

@main("Todo list") {
    <h1>@tasks.size() task(s)</h1>
    @for(task <- tasks) {
        @form(routes.Application.deleteTask(task.id)) {
            <input type="hidden" id="id" value="@task.id"><!-- *** added ***-->
            <input type="submit" value="Delete">

    <h2>Add a new task</h2>
    @form(routes.Application.newTask()) {
        <input type="submit" value="Create">

Resulting HTML is:

<form action="/tasks/1/delete" method="POST" >
   <input type="hidden" id="id" value="1">
   <input type="submit" value="Delete">

The todolist sample of PlayFramework 2.2.0 executed on top of PlayFramework 2.1.5 doesn't work very well...

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It says it can't find GET /tasks/2/delete because you only defined a route using POST:

POST    /tasks/:id/delete   controllers.Application.deleteTask(id: Long)

So you have to do a POST request instead of a GET.

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HTML added to my previous post to show it's a POST request, how can I change the way the arguments are transmitted? –  Aubin Sep 26 '13 at 12:52
@Aubin The form looks good, should be send as POST as far as I can tell. Maybe some javascript is interfering with the form submit? Try looking in the browser network console to check what actually gets send. –  kapep Sep 26 '13 at 13:11

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