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I'm having trouble using the T.in operator with has() filter in Titan 0.3.2

The following Gremlin query...:

g.V("type", "articles").out("has_tag").has("name", T.in, ["foobar"])

... yields the following error in Titan console:

No such property: in for class: com.tinkerpop.gremlin.Tokens$T

Somehow related to this SO question : multiple property values in has clause of gremlin (same question, but related to Neo4J).

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Titan 0.3.2 does not support TinkerPop 2.4.0 (it supports 2.3.0). I think you can expect that to be available in the soon to be release Titan 0.4.0.

In Titan 0.3.2 I think you would have to do:


Where values is your list of things to match on.

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Thanks Stephen, I indeed thought that TinkerPop 2.3.0 supported T.in with has() filter. I should/could have double checked that. Appreciate your help! –  gulthor Oct 1 '13 at 11:16

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