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I'm new to joomla2.5 and i'm working on a form component that will simple get data from user and save to database but i have confusion regarding form redirect.

please tell me what means of this:


please define me "task=registration.register" including dot also.


please define different between view and task and what is joomla2.5 url structure fundamentals.

Thanks with regards

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In Joomla,

View stands for component views. A component have multiple views like Joomla default component com_users have different views

registration,profile etc

Task means the function inside your controller file.

like here


registration controller have a function name with register

In the view


means component com_test2 have a view folder with test2

In other way you can access the register function inside your controller is by using hidden fields. If you have a form to submit then something like.

<input type="hidden" name="option" value="com_users"/>
<input type="hidden" name="controller" value="registration"/>
<input type="hidden" name="task" value="register"/>

You will get more details about Joomla component structure from here

Hope its helps..

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