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I'm trying to clone a collection from one Mongo host to another:

I have two mongo instances v.2.4.6 installed on two hosts: host1 and host2 (host1 and host2 are actually IPs but replaced with name to simplify the question). Both hosts are in the same network and I can successfully open other server's mongo console from the first server using:

on host1:

mongo --host host2

But when I do in the mongo shell of the first server:

on host1:

db.cloneCollection("host2:27017", "my_db.my_collection")

The output is:

{ "ok" : 1 }

But the my_db database is not created on the host1. I tried to create empty database but the collection isn't copied either. I tried to create empty collection in it, but the collection items are not copied.

Note: The my_db.my_collection on host2 is not empty. Have double checked that.

Guys, could you please check if the db.cloneCollection() works for you on mongo 2.4.6? If so - maybe I'm missing some prerequisite?

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Mongodb for Windows, v 2.4.6

First mongod with default params: port -> 27017, dbpath -> c:\data\db
Second mongod with params: port -> 27018, dbpath -> c:\data\db1

Logged to the second mongod. Use test db. Execute:


Not cloned. Then execute:


It was cloned. So, suggestion in this case -- do not use full path to collection.


Just investigated some documentation:
If you want to use db prefix, you should run clone this way:

db.runCommand({cloneCollection: "test.so000", from: "localhost:27017"})

It will clone collection so000 as well. It will create db even if db test doesn't exist on this second server.

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It works. So the idea is to do use my_db on the second server and then don't use db_name in the cloneCollection statement. Perfect! Thanks a lot! – roody Sep 26 '13 at 14:49

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