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i dont get 1-n relationship.

have read some aritcles but still cant figure it out.

i get 1-many, 1:1 and many-to-many.

but what does 1-n mean?

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Wow. Three almost identical answers! –  Lucas Jones Dec 14 '09 at 19:56

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1-n is the same as 1-many

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1-n is the same as 1-many. n is just another way of representing an unknown "many".

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n could be any number, so this is equivalent to 1:many

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Its just another way to say 1 to many

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It's another way of expressing a "parent-child" or "master-detail" relationship. For everything parent you have an undefined number (meaning it can lie between 1 and something-bigger-than-one) of children.

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that's a misleading way of thinking of it. there's a 1:N relationship between S and SP, yet neither is child or detail of the other. –  just somebody Dec 14 '09 at 20:19

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