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Got an app running great on Heroku, only issue is that their custom-domain SSL solution is way expensive (, leaving piggybacking of their * as an only viable option. The good thing is that my app only requires SSL for a couple of pages (for ordering). Right now, I use "ssl_required" in my controller for those couple actions. Any idea on how to create a before_filter that would bump the user to just for those two actions and redirect to for anything else? Ugly ugly, but seems like the best way to go for now.

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Did you end up hacking SSL Requirement, like Wojtek suggested? – pdoherty926 Aug 14 '12 at 17:15

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You could hack/monkey-patch: SSL Requirement plugin (, so that it redirected to different hosts.

BTW if you plan to host multiple applications, they can share one multi-domain certificate (and one pricey SSL Addon). Here's more detailed description:

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