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I've been trying to get the solution from my former question to running here, but unfortunately without success. I'm trying right now to change the code to deliver me in result not the Ids, but the "name" values itself. JSON this is my json, I want to extract the SUB, SUBSUB and NAME and when using a quasi for-chain, I cound not get back in hierarchy to get the SUBSUB2... Could anyone please put me somehow on the right track?

The solution code from the former question:

def locateByName(e,name):
    if e.get('name',None) == name:
        return e

    for child in e.get('children',[]):
        result = locateByName(child,name)
        if result is not None:
            return result

    return None

What I exactly want to achieve is simple list as SUB1, SUBSUB1, NAME1, NAME2, SUBSUB2, etc...

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Assuming x is your JSON,

def trav(node, acc = []):
    acc += [node['name']]
    if 'children' in node:
        for child in node['children']:
            trav(child, acc)

acc = []
trav(x, acc)
print acc


['MAIN', 'SUB1', 'SUBSUB1', 'NAME1', 'NAME2', 'SUBSUB2', 'SUBSUB3']

Another, more compact solution:

from itertools import chain         

def trav(node):
    if 'children' in node:
        return [node['name']] + list(chain.from_iterable([trav(child) for child in node['children']]))
        return [node['name']]

print trav(x)
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Thank you a lot, this is perfect. And this is what is on Stackoverflow the best - the possibility to learn, I didn't knew the itertools lib. :) –  jakkolwiek Sep 27 '13 at 7:01

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