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I am trying to create a directive to create multiple choice activies. The idea is that in my scope I have a model with an array of questions as such:

function Ctrl2($scope) {
  $scope.activity1 = {
      "questions": [
              "question": "This is the first question",
              "answers": ["answer1", "answer2"]
              "question": "When was the American revolution?",
              "answers": [1776, 1881, 1778]

I have a directive which finds the questions from the scope and then appends it to the directive element. Here is my directive (simplified for clarity)

.directive('multipleChoice', function(){
        templateUrl: "<div class='ng-transclude'></div>",
        scope: {
        replace: true,
        transclude: true,
        link: function(scope, element, attrs){
            for (var i=0;i<scope.activity.questions.length;i++){
                var question=scope.activity.questions[i];
            element.append("<button ng-submit='submit()'>Submit</button><button>Show Solutions</button>")

However, sometimes I want to insert HTML content between the questions. The way I envisioned doing it something like this. In my HTML

  <div multiple-choice activity="activity1">
      <div id="question1"></div>
      <img src=question2.jpg/>

and then im my directive instead of appending it to the directive element, appending it to the element with id="question1".

I know an easy solution would be to use JQuery with: 1- rework question model to:

  "question": "This is the first question",
  "answers": ["answer1", "answer2"],
  "ctn": "#question1"

and then in my directive doing

if (question.ctn!==undefined){

However, I want to stay away from JQuery and try to the "Angular Way".

Another solution I can think of would be to have something like this in my HTML:

  <div multiple-choice activity="activity1">
      <img src=question2.jpg/>

However, I'm not sure how that would work.

What do you think? Do I have to use jQuery or is there a better way?

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I believe it is bad practice to do this and goes against Angular's philisophy. You should try to stay away from jQuery-like content insertion as much as possible.

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