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I am an ANTLR beginner and, after reading the manual and various forums, am trying to write a simple ANTLR grammar that allows statements like "(A and B)" or "(C and D)" or "((A and B) or (A and C))" and nothing more. (No special characters other than parens, no operators other than AND and OR, all variables must be a single letter between "A" and "Z".)

However, my simple grammar (below) allows a) special characters (they get ignored when they should cause errors) b) variables that are longer than a single character (as long as they start with A through Z - in which case they are treated as the single character variable in the resulting tree) c) numeric values (like 123) .. they just get ignored, btw.

So, why isn't my simple grammar working?

grammar QvidianPlaybooks; 
options{ language=CSharp2; output=AST; ASTLabelType = CommonTree; } 

@lexer::members {
  public List<System.String> errors = new List<System.String>();

public parse
  :  expression

LPAREN : '(' ;

RPAREN : ')' ;

ANDOR : 'AND'|'and'|'OR'|'or';
NAME : ('A'|'B'|'C'|'D'|'E'|'F'|'G'|'H'|'I'|'J'|'K'|'L'|'M'|'N'|'O'|'P'|'Q'|'R'|'S'|'T'|'U'|'V'|'W'|'X'|'Y'|'Z'); 
WS : ' ' { $channel = Hidden; };

// ***************** parser rules:
expression : anexpression EOF!;
anexpression : atom (ANDOR^ atom)*;
atom : NAME | LPAREN! anexpression RPAREN!;

Thank you for your assistance.

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Side-tip: You can replace ('A'|'B'|'C') with ('A'..'C') or [A-C] since they're all "in a row". – Darien Sep 26 '13 at 18:10
@Darien, by looking at the options block, it seems the OP is using ANTLR 3, so that means s/he can use 'A'..'C' but not [A-C], which is ANTLR 4 only. – Bart Kiers Sep 26 '13 at 20:47
@BartKiers Oops. Thanks for fixing the tags. – Darien Sep 27 '13 at 0:38
Thanks, for that feedback. I changed it to 'A'..'Z'. My original problem persists, however. – user1193 Sep 27 '13 at 14:46

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