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In git:

  1. Do you tag branches or repos?
  2. When you tag a branch/repo, are you only tagging the changes that are fully committed, or do you also tag changes that have been added/staged?
  3. Under what circumstances would ever need to rebase a branch? Doesn't merge give you everything you need?
  4. What is a "bare" repository? How is it opposed to a "non-bare" repo?

Thanks in advance!

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srsly, have you tried googling any of those questions? or searching here on SO? The Pro Git book git-scm.com/book might also help you out. Edit: This also goes for your other questions youve posted –  Nevik Rehnel Sep 26 '13 at 16:29

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To (briefly) answer your questions...

  1. You tag commits, see here: Git - Tagging
  2. See above
  3. merge vs rebase is well discussed in this question
  4. A bare repository in Git just contains the versioning info that's stored in the .git directory within a normal repo. Try it yourself git init --bare bare; ls -la bare

As other has suggested, read up on Git:

I recommend Git SCM and especially the Git Book for getting started.

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